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*I, Parent/Individual, over 18, have read, understand and ACCEPT the IMPORTANT NOTES, TUITION PAYMENT REQUIREMENTS, AND POLICIES outlined in my or my child's ENROLLMENT APPLICATION.   I ACCEPT responsibility for all charges that may be incurred.  I AGREE to all policies, terms, statements and payment terms of G-Clef Music Academy's Enrollment Agreement.  I ALLOW G-Clef Music Academy full promotional use of photographs and videos taken of the above registered student at G-Clef Music Academy’s activities and events.


1.​ One Student per application.  Parents must agree to the following IMPORTANT NOTES, TUITION PAYMENT REQUIREMENTS, and POLICIES.
2. Parent MUST complete application and payment to be fully enrolled.  The one-time REGISTRATION FEE is $50.00  Please contact our office at (340) 344-6449, if you have any questions.
3.  We accept valid credit/debit cards. Any balance owed to G-Clef Music Academy MUST be paid prior to enrollment to 2021 Summer Music Camp Blocks or any class to be scheduled. All scheduled music classes with G-Clef Music Academy are pre-paid. 
4. MULTIPLE NEW STUDENTS who are enrolled from ONE FAMILY will receive a reduction in their registration fee. The registration fee will be $25.00 per student (Minimum 2 students in family). IT IS BEST TO TAKE ADVANTAGE OF REGISTRATION SAVINGS OPPORTUNITIES!!
5. COVID-19 COMPLIANT CAMP: Spacious rooms hold up to 4 students per class. Students are required to wear masks and can practice social distancing (where possible). Bathroom breaks will also be given in consideration of COVID-19 Guidelines. For a complete list of COVID-19 compliance guidelines, visit or
6.  All students are required to have a copy of their present immunization card on file at G-Clef Music Academy.  
7.  ONE instrument per class block. Group music class blocks are based on availability. Instruments vary per location. Certain instruments may be offered on certain days. Some instruments not recommended for certain ages. If one class block is booked daily, then only ONE instrument is allowed to be selected for each weekday (i.e., Monday through Friday or less).
8.  IMPORTANT: If there are fewer than THREE students for any TWO-HOUR instrument group class, we will ask that you choose another TWO-HOUR group music class time block that has a minimum of 3 students. This may require a change of day and/or time of student’s music class block, based on availability.
9.  Each TWO-HOUR group music class time block has a maximum number of students allowed to be in the classroom at one time. Once that maximum number is achieved; then that class time block will be closed and no additional students will be allowed. Students will be placed in another time block, based on availability.  
10.  Changes in an instrument, may lead to changes in the day and/or time of class time block. Acceptance of any instrument changes is based on availability.
11.  Break Times: Morning break at 10:00am and afternoon break at 12:00pm. Break gives students a chance to get water and/or use the restroom. IF A STUDENT DECIDES TO BRING HIS/HER OWN SNACK FOR A BREAK, HE/SHE WILL BE ASKED TO EAT THE SNACK OUTSIDE AT A TABLE: Please indicate any allergies on this form. STUDENTS WILL NOT BE ABLE TO USE THE REFRIGERATOR OR THE MICROWAVE!
12.  Students are expected to follow the Summer Music Camp Rules. A Rules/Rewards Sheet will be supplied on the first day of camp.
17.  REFUND/DISCONTINUATION OF CLASSES POLICY (MUST COMPLETE A WITHDRAWAL FORM). There will be NO reimbursement for any funds, including the registration fee that has already been paid to G-Clef. Applicable credit will be considered in future enrollment/placements.


Complete Student Information Form 
(one student per form)
After you submit, you will be taken to the MAKE TUITION PAYMENT page.  You MUST complete the MAKE TUITION PAYMENT PAGE and the secure payment portal in order to fully make your month's tuition.
Website designed by G-Clef Music Academy © 2021
Website designed by G-Clef Music Academy © 2021
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