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G-Clef Music Academy After-School Music Program
After-school Music Academy (ages 8 to 16) 
to Begin Your Child's Musical Adventure
The After-School Academy is in full swing and ready to impart music education to young minds. The Academy is open to children, ages 8 to 16, and it is being held throughout the school year, Tuesdays and Wednesdays, from 3:30pm to 5:00pm at G-Clef on the second floor of the LaBorde Plaza Building (at Mandela Circle). The After-School Academy specifically offers a weekly learning environment for small groups on the piano, guitar, and drums; and includes interpretive dance. This specialized attention provides a more effective way of enhancing each child’s personal discipline and self-confidence.

G-Clef Music Academy provides students with a rich and varied music education experience. Private instruction is offered in piano, voice, violin, percussion/drums, guitar, and bass guitar to students of all ages--from toddlers to seniors. The length options of the Private Music Lessons are 30, 45 and 60 minutes. G-Clef believes music is a family affair. We can teach the whole family how to play.

The GCMA student has the benefit of outstanding individual instruction, as well as the opportunity to perform in ensembles. The continuously progressive and competitive curriculum includes classical and contemporary repertoire. As a standard, music theory is the basis for learning. Students culminate their learning experience with recitals and community performances. Some students are encouraged to join G-Clef's youth band and chamber ensemble(s). It is a fun and valuable opportunity to solidify what was learned by playing in a group.

Private Music Lesson for Children and Adults
Summer Music Camp
LaBorde Plaza, 2nd Floor
(across from Wendy's in
Mandela's Circle on St. Thomas, USVI)
Semester Class Location
Music Instructors
James H. Gumbs, Jr. 
Academy Director
Piano, Guitar and Band Instructor
Leah Aronin
Violin and Cello
Whitt Vincena
Guitar Instructor
Urbane Chinnary
Concert Band
Brass & Woodwinds Instructor
Percussion Instructor
Gloria Gumbs
Vocal Coach
Other Exciting Music Programs
G-Clef Music Academy holds its Summer Music Camp at LaBorde Plaza, 2nd Floor
across from Wendy's in Mandela's Circle on the island of St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands.  Children ages 5 to 13 learn a variety of instruments during G-Clef Music Academy's six-week summer music camp.  Eight music disciplines along with theory are taught during the summer, including piano, guitar violin, cello, woodwinds, brass, and steel pans/drums.  Students learn to play solo and with several ensembles.
Each music discipline is supported with music theory, providing students the opportunity and advantage to learn to read music and enjoy playing their instruments. 

Kandis R. Gumbs
Summer Camp
Steel Pan, Percussion
Youth Band Conductor
and Choir Instructor
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Primary Level
LetterFly1 Game
(learning "CDE"
on the piano)

Level 2
Melody Mayhem1 
(helps you to hear
and compare melodies)

​Level 1
Page Turner
Treble Staff Spaces 
(Learn the staff spaces)

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