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They learned and PLAYED at the same time!
Children as young as 3 years old performed for the 2012 Summer Music Camp Recital.  A full house of parents, family, friends and supporters watched and the children didn't miss a beat!
"I am happy that I enrolled my daughter at G-Clef Music Academy last summer.  As a beginner, she learned how to play the piano and steel pan.  I was so surprised of all the songs she learned and all the keys and notes on both instruments without looking.  She absolutely loved it so much, I enrolled her for the rest of the year.  We love G-Clef Music Academy!"       -- Crystal Gray
From GCMA Parents
"My husband and I were just looking for a summer camp that would start as soon as school ended and would end as close to when school started.  G-Clef, not only fulfilled what we were looking for, it transformed our children into kids that never played or thought to play an instrument into young adults that played more than one or two instruments.  Their focus in school has increased and their goals are much higher than what they were before, etc......" 
                   -- Javier and Leah Estrill
  • Piano
  • Guitar
  • Violin
  • Introduction to Woodwinds
  • Introduction to Brass
  • Steel Pan
  • Drums
  • Choir/Voice
EIGHT Music Disciplines
Do you see an interest of music in your child?  Have you noticed an attraction to instruments and do you see them trying to play them? You can give your child a chance to explore many instruments from piano to violin at ONE time during the summer!
NEW Summer Camp Location:
LaBorde Plaza
St. Thomas, USVI
June 23 - August 1, 2014
Monday - Friday
8:00am to 3:30pm
Early Registration Dates - April 1 to April 30
Regular Registration Dates - May 1 to May 31
Late Registration Dates - June 2 to June 21
An audience of over 200 came to the site of the Summer Music Camp 2012 Recital, which was held at Impacting Your World Christian Ministries (in Altona).  Students gave solo performances and group performances on the piano, guitar, violin, steel pan, drums, woodwind and brass instruments, as well as voice.

Music campers were excited to participate in different ensembles and bands.  Students who had never played an instrument or had very little musical experience were very proud to show off what they had learned. Hugs and kisses were commonplace after the program.
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Register now for Summer Music Camp 2014.  Children 6 to 16 will enjoy six weeks of musical fun.  Students and parents can expect to go on a BIG musical adventure!  Begin the quest by requesting a summer camp application.
​This year's summer camp will be located at the LaBorde Plaza in the Havensight area.  It's just south of the Pueblo Supermarket in Long Bay.  We're  offering Morning Pickup Service at 7:00am from Tutu Park Mall to make it easier for those who live on the east side of the island to send your children.

Besides providing the eight disciplines that we offer every summer: piano, guitar, violin, introduction to woodwinds and brass, drums, steel pan, and choir/voice (with music theory on computer), G-Clef is offering a NEW TRACK ELECTIVE, called Music Production. The Music Production Elective focuses on the technical and creative side of music; specifically how to create beats and sound tracks. The camp begins with an overview of eight music disciplines allowing each child to be exposed to a variety of instruments. Following this introduction, each camper must choose, among the eight discplines, one primary instrument that will be performed at the summer camp recital. In addition, each camper must choose two elective instruments that will be learned during camp. Campers will show their additional skills by performing in ensembles at the recital. Some of the ensemble options include orchestra, steel pan, choir, and modern band.

Personal and group attention is given to assist your child's growth in his/her confidence with playing each instrument.  This confidence usually spreads into an increase in socialization and self-esteem.  The Summer Music Camp allows children to try and choose which instrument they love to play.  

Kids are never too young to learn the language of music.  Children who have never read music before get excited because they have begun to learn how to unlock the beauty in each note.  Games and drills help children learn the basics to build their musical vocabulary.  A fun computer program is also used to help children learn music theory.  They have so much fun they forget they are learning.  

After lunch, it's band and ensemble time.  As children learn a new song, they also learn how to play in groups and the value of teamwork.  Some ensembles include choir, violin, guitar and steel pan.  Full bands of brass, woodwinds, bass/lead guitar, pianos and drums are being played by children who are on average 7 years old.  The 2013 recital launched the G-Clef's first youth orchestra. It's astounding to watch. The bonds of friendship, enthusiasm and excitement fills the air.  But most of all, the love and treasure of music education will last a lifetime!
AGES:  6 to 16 
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Students are introduced to eight different disciplines:
A three-year-old steals the show at G-Clef Music Academy Summer Music Camp 2012 Recital.
G-Clef Music Academy Summer Music Camp 2012 was the first time this young man learned how to play the violin.
Six-year-old maestro conducts this violin ensemble at the G-Clef Music Academy's Summer Music Camp 2012 Recital. 
G-Clef Music Academy Summer Music Camp 2012 supported his passion for music.
G-Clef Music Academy Summer Music Camp 2012 Steel Pan-Band Ensemble pops at the Recital!
Go to G-Clef YouTube Channel to see last year's video highlights
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June 22 - August 7, 2015 - Recital August 6
G-Clef Music Academy Offers Summertime FUN with Music
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We thank the proud co-sponsors of our
2014 Summer Music Camp for helping students make beautiful music!!!
2014 Summer Music 
Camp Co-Sponsors
Monday - Friday
8:00am - 3:30pm